jo sharp shawl collar coat

October 17, 2006

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October 8, 2006

vintage velvet scarf

August 15, 2006

vintagescarf copy.jpgDSC04015 copy.jpg

PATTERN: scarf style . vintage velvet . lisa daniels
YARN: muench . touch me . purchased from article pract &
COLOR: 3610 . moss
CONTENT: 72% rayon microfiber . 28% wool
NEEDLE: clover bamboo . size 8
the top-right photo is pre-felted, whereas the bottom photos are the completed (and felted) scarf. the bottom left photo most accurately represents the color. this yarn was great to knit with– the scarf turned out exactly as the pattern stated.

karabella sweater 422.jpgDSC04076 copy.jpg
PATTERN: karabella black and white sweater . kk422
YARN: karabella boise . purchased black from . purchased cream from
CONTENT: 50% cashmere . 50% merino wool [& i pray i won’t feel the wool scratching my skin]
COLORS: black 58 . cream 59
NEEDLE USED: size 5 . addi turbo straights
the label on the skein states that the natural gauge is 5.5 st/in using a size 5 needle, but my gauge was 6.5 st/in. i needed to use a size 8 needle to obtain the correct gauge, but didn’t like the loose look of the stitches at 5.5 st/in. so, i decided to keep the gauge at 6.5 and knit the sweater using the size medium instead of a size small (once knitted, the yarn seemed to have a lot of stretch to it). i’m also going to increase the number of rows in each stripe in order to obtain the correct length.

rowan foxy [wip]

May 31, 2006

tankwhite.jpgDSC04075 copy.jpg

PATTERN: rowan 27 . foxy
YARN: rowan 4-ply cotton . purchased from
CONTENT: 100% egyptian cotton
COLOR: bleached 113
NEEDLE: addi turbo straights . size 3 . size 2
just got started- all is well with gauge and instructions.

favorite tools

May 23, 2006

knitters rule jr.jpgknitbag.jpgcountable.gif
knitclips.jpgcrohook.jpgknitboard.jpgDSC04085 copy.jpg

top l-r: knitter’s rule junior from patternworks- this is my favorite tool for measuring gauge. the transparent ruler is placed over knitted stitches and matched to the corresponding stitch drawings. it measures from 3 to 8 st/in.
cargo bag by ellington– the perfect size for a knitting bag, with a lot of external and internal pockets
countable- a PDA application for counting rows, stitches, increases, decreases, etc. it can be used for multiple projects, and has customizable project types and project categories.
bottom l-r: knit klips– although they are a bit pricey, i like these because there is only 1 ‘tooth’ that sinks into the unfinished knitting project. they’re more handy for clamping the sides and shoulders together than they are for sleeves.
addi turbo cro needle– this tool is really innovative; one end is a crochet hook and the other end a knitting needle. it can be used for picking up stitches and seaming.
blocking board– this blocking board is indispensable. i generally block my sweaters by immersing the pieces in water, placing the wet pieces in a mesh sweater bag, and placing the bag in the washer for a spin cycle. this board allows you to lay down your damp pieces and obtain the perfect size by stretching, tugging, and pinning each piece using the side rulers, the drawn-on graph squares, and the angled lines as measurment guides. if you’re a seamstress and are used to sewing flat pattern pieces cut exactly to size, then you will appreciate the results of blocking on this type of board.
pinocchio tape measure – this tape measure is just fun to have around– it speaks for itself… as well as the bush presidency.

future projects

May 22, 2006

3928.jpgbrownsweater copy.jpgtank1.jpg
L to R:
rowan . hearten . calmer [yarn]
interweave knits winter 2003 . bed & breakfast pullover . karabella margrite [yarn substitution]
rowan . orient . cotton glace
rowan . loll cardigan . calmer
rebecca . leaflet 10

rowan basil

May 5, 2006

3484.jpgDSC04036 copy.jpgDSC04048 copy.jpg
DSC04049 copy.jpgDSC04051 copy.jpg

PATTERN: rowan summer tweed . basil
YARN: debbie bliss . cotton cashmere . purchased from
CONTENT: 85% cotton . 15% cashmere
COLOR: aqua . 14
NEEDLE: size 5 & 4. addi turbo straights
this pattern calls for rowan summer tweed, but i’m substituting the yarn with debbie bliss cotton cashmere. since the gauge for summer tweed is 4 st/in and the gauge for db cotton cashmere is 5.5 st/in, i created a spreadsheet that lays out the calculations for width and length. luckily, following the instructions for the largest size pretty much took care of the width factor (with some minor adjustments) making it a size small (and very fitted). for the length, i’m either measuring it as i progress, or adjusting rows based on the gauge calculation spreadsheet. I really like the softness of debbie bliss cotton cashmere yarn and will most likely use it for some future projects.

mens rib sweater3 copy.jpgDSC04010 copy.jpg

PATTERN: rebecca 27 . man’s mottled sweater (pattern 28)
YARN: ggh . molina . 100% cotton
YARN SUB: debbie bliss cotton cashmere . black
YARN CONTENT: 85% cotton . 15% cashmere
i’m making this sweater about 3-4″ longer than the pattern calls for.

fuzzy scarf

March 19, 2006


YARN: great adirondack . fluff . purchased from lys- article pract
COLOR: autumn . 528
this scarf was knit in garter stitch with size 10 needles